Akutsu Kirara by native from Mahou Shoujo

Akutsu Kirara by native from Mahou Shoujo MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

From RAITA’s long-running Mahou Shoujo doujin series comes the tanned gal, Akutsu Kirara by native. Sculpted in 1/6th scale by LESLyzerosix, Kirara takes a forward-leaning pose, emphasizing well-rounded, sun-kissed posterior and her long legs, as she crosses them. Hoshina Eimi, who’s responsible for that sun-kissed appearance, skillfully expresses the glossy, metallic, squishy, and somewhat pearlescent textures.

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Assassin/Shuten-douji Festival Portrait Ver. from Fate/Grand Order

Assassin Shuten douji Festival Portrait Ver. by quesQ from Fate Grand Order MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Scheduled for a November 2022 release—oh, look at the time—is Fate/Grand Order’s Shuten-douji as a jiangshi based on RAITA’s artwork as “Assassin/Shuten-douji Festival Portrait Ver.” Pretending to be a vampire, the loli-baba struts with her outstretched arms and stiffened legs shown off by her ultra-short cheongsam.

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Fate/Grand Order Caster/Murasaki Shikibu by ALTER

Fate Grand Order Caster Murasaki Shikibu by ALTER MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Orders have opened and closed (not quite) for ALTER’s amazingly gothic rendition of the Murasaki Shikibu as originally designed by RAITA for Fate/Grand Order. Contained within her 290mm height, she features much of RAITA’s signature style. Her curling locks and pinched frill that spirals down her 290mm frame are some of the many details to behold.

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