GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE Anis by FREEing MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

No matter how you spell it, you’re going to be pronouncing it the same way. Introducing FREEing’s B-style Anis from the somewhat popular South Korean game “GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE” Wearing a tactical outfit with a canary yellow and russet color scheme, Anis takes a walking pose amid flipping her short sandy brown hair. Similarly with AK-12, Anis’ outfit displays much emphasis on its tactical nature with all the details visible in the product photos ahead!

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B-style Sarashina Ruka Bunny Ver. by FREEing from Rent-A-Girlfriend

B style Sarashina Ruka Bunny Ver. by FREEing from Rent A Girlfriend MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders are now open for FREEing’s 415mm-tall Sarashina Ruka Bunny Ver. from Rent-A-Girlfriend! Ruka wears a figure-hugging sky blue bunny suit with a glossy finish. And a pair of white PVC boots that go up just past her knees disrupts the blue but ties into her white bunny ears, collar, and cuffs. Product photos and shops for this exciting Ruka bunny await!

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