Okamizukin-chan by WING

Okamizukin chan by WING with illustration by Shugao MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Another amazing exclusive figure is on her way by WING. Introducing Okamizukin-chan based on the illustration by Shugao! With her hood up, Okamizukin-chan’s light brown hair cascades out of it with her wolf ears peaking from the top. Both her slight smile and wide eyes are cute as she tightly hugs a not-so-cute wolf plushy with button eyes and visible stitching.

WING has done a terrific job in her outfit from its design to its detailed paintwork. Product photos are this way!

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Kagamihara Nadeshiko by WING from Yuru Camp

Kagamihara Nadeshiko by WING from Yuru Camp MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

WING’s third figure from Yuru Camp is Kagamihara Nadeshiko in a cute running pose. As with the preceding Rin and Aoi, mostly Rin, the color choice and paintwork for her clothing are really good. She’s about 200mm tall and is going to release in September for ¥16,800 excl. tax. While there are nice discounts to be hand, she is more expensive than her contemporaries. The flowing detail in her clothing may be enough to justify her price.

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