B-style Black Prince Addled Attendant? from Azur Lane

After a really short wait, FREEing has unveiled their painted prototype of “Black Prince Addled Attendant?” from Azur Lane. More importantly, they put her up for pre-order! As the name implied, she’s based on her “Addled Attendant?” skin which was designed by suisai. She’s also unsurprisingly a limited release, worry not, those few retailers are waiting for you.





Japanese name B-style アズールレーン ブラック・プリンス ぼんやり世話焼き?

Also known as B-style Azur Lane Black Prince Bonyari Sewayaki? / B-style 碧蓝航线 黑太子 迷糊的侍者?

Original illustrator suisai (水乌龟)

Maker FREEingExternal Link

Sculptor Morikura (HeartStrings) (盛蔵)

Colorist yozakura

With co-operation by Dragoncraft (ドラゴンクラフト)

Release Apr. 2023 / 発売 2023年4月

Pre-order opening date July 14th, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年7月14日 12:00

Pre-order closing date September 7th, 2022 23:59JST / 2022年9月7日 23:59

Scale 1/4 Scale (400mm)

List Price 36,900JPY / 234USD / 217EUR / 184GBP or in your currency
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Black Prince Addled Attendant original illustration by suisai

Black Prince’s bunny outfit is slightly different compared to the ones we usually see. It’s higher at the back and there’s also a crisscrossed cutout by her abdomen, which doesn’t look so good. Adding the maid-style shoulder coverings lends to a café theme. Her long bunny ears were well designed. So is her bunny tail, I really like the white ribbons they added. But her cuffs do nothing for the outfit, they appear to just hide the seams in her wrists.

For accessories, Black Prince has a cute winking bunny attached to her Alice band. Her maroon bow tie and butterfly broach add to the outfit while complementing her hair color. Alas, Black Prince’s outfit covers less than in the illustration, which pushes that pretty broach downward, forcing you to stare directly at her breasts. Her voluminous breasts provide a nice view, can’t be helped… Though her pink-tinged breasts lack incredible shading, they don’t seem welded, which is appreciated.

Moving on to Black Prince’s hands, which are incredible for having no semblance of femininity. She has clearly defined fingernails, but her fingers along with their nails are unrefined. Their design is rough. Depending on who you ask, they tried to position her fingers in a more feminine way. However, her palm doesn’t altogether touch the stool for how she’s supposed to be steadying her weight.

Leaving Black Prince’s hands, we move on to her standout feature—her pose. We’re treated to her sultry arching back from the side. Tracing the small of her back we move to her hip and thigh. From there, her long but not fully extended left leg awaits. Running down her calf leads us toward her ankle, which is quite thick. Finally, we reach her foot that quite nearly touches the floor below.

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Impressions: B-style Black Prince Addled Attendant? from Azur Lane

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