Biya Illustration Yuna-chan by Union Creative

Based on one of Biya’s many illustrations of her, pre-orders are open for Union Creative’s take on the bikini-clad, parka-wearing, Yuna-chan! They said it themselves, focus was firmly placed on making her feminine body as soft as possible—it shows. Though it went unmentioned, the folds by her left underarm region is certainly a magnificent point.

Yuna-chan, the original character from popular illustrator Biya, has arrived! Supreme care was taken in conveying authentic texture throughout Yuna-chan’s sculpt, from her loose-fitting parka and her soft, feminine body! By all means, please enjoy Yuna-chan’s cute, model-like appearance for yourself.

※ Photos shown are of the prototype and may differ from the final product.

―Union Creative ltd

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch





Japanese name Biyaイラスト『ユナちゃん』

Also known as Biya Illustration『尤娜』

Original illustrator Biya

Sculptor Carve Models (カーブモデルズ)

Colorist Mottikou (モチコウ)

Release Jan. 2024 / 発売 2024年1月

Pre-order opening date May 2nd, 2023 11:00JST / 2023年5月2日 11:00

Pre-order closing date June 20th, 2023 23:59JST / 2023年6月20日 23:59

Scale Non-scale (260mm)

List Price 21,780JPY / 142USD / 134EUR / 114GBP or in your currency

Here is the original illustration upon which Yuna-chan is based.

Biya Illustration Yuna chan by Union Creative

Another thing that wasn’t mentioned, but is evident in the product photos— Yuna-chan can go without her mask. I don’t care much for her mask, it covers too much of her face. Having said that! Yuna-chan’s blue eyes are amazing and her black mask places a greater emphasis on them. Without her mask, she has a grin that is as wry as it is broad, with the impression that she “knows what’s up.” As someone who cannot read the mood, what indeed is up? I’d ask you what you think about Yuna-chan, but comments are disabled, so, the best places to order are next.

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