DreamTech Mizugi Shouhou Yumemi Riamu by WAVE

Introducing WAVE’s cute Mizugi Shouhou Yumemi Riamu from THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS! Riamu comes with more than a few accessories as well as an additional smiling face. Product info and high-quality photos are ahead. So, come October, will she be performing on stage for you?

「アイドルになったら速攻水着で海外のステージに立たされていた」… 自分でも何言ってるかわかんないよ!

あなたのプロデュースで女の子たちが輝き出す!「アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ」より、水着商法、夢見りあむが1/7スケール完成品フィギュアで登場です!



Japanese name 水着商法 夢見 りあむ

Also known as Swimsuit Commerce Yumemi Riamu / [泳装商法] 梦见璃亚梦

Sculptor Mishima (みしま)

Colorist Sakura (Staff) (佐倉)

Release Oct. 2021 / 発売 2021年10月

Pre-order closing date July 21st, 2021 23:59JST / 2021年7月21日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (225mm)

List Price 17,930JPY / 119USD / 110EUR / 94GBP or in your currency
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Here’s a sample of the in-game illustration on which Riamu is based.

Yumemi Riamu Swimsuit Commerce original illustration

I like the expression in her eyes and eyebrows. Her flustered expression shows that she’s uncomfortable. Her upturned eyebrows and eyes also convey a proud look. Both faces are good for their eyes and eyebrows. But neither of the mouths are appealing. It’s not unsightly due to lack of trying. You’ll notice that she has a slightly defined bottom lip. It has a hint of pink as well. They also tried to give it depth with its darker outline. The bit of gloss and showing that she has lips is definitely a positive.

Body and pose-wise, Riamu’s good from her head, all the way down to her thigh’s mid-point. In other words, what the illustration shows. There, she is looking down. So one thing that is an improvement is that they adjusted the angle of her head. She’s now looking straight ahead. Other things I prefer are her shoulders from the front. Her collarbone is nicely defined and mostly on display. I strongly dislike the lower quarter of her pose. Her tucked-in knees are as annoying as they are awkward. They’re worse from the back. And if only the back of her knees were as bad. Then you wouldn’t have to look at her from the back at all. No, the back of her knees really nice. The back of her left leg is really nice, you can even see the cartilage on the sides.

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Impressions: DreamTech Mizugi Shouhou Yumemi Riamu by WAVE

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