Kusanagi Motoko & Tachikoma Bonus Version by Prime1Studio

Prime 1 Studio’s spectacular centerpiece Kusanagi Motoko & Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 is available for pre-order! As with all Prime 1 Studio’s premium figures, Motoko has both realistic skin and clothing texture. But she stands out for her cool composure. Sixty-eight product photos showing off Motoko and Tachikoma with their bonus parts are waiting!

“Wonderful to not have any noise. If only it would stay like this forever.” – Major Motoko Kusanagi

Prime 1 Studio is pleased to present a long-awaited addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: The 1/4 Scale Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikoma Bonus Version from Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045!

In the year 2045, after the worldwide economic disaster known as the Simultaneous Global Default, the “Big 4” nations are engaged in a state of perpetual fighting called the “Sustainable War”. Against this backdrop, Major Motoko Kusanagi reunites with Section 9 to investigate the newly risen Post-Human threat. And with her is the ever-trustworthy Tachikoma!

The talented artists at Prime 1 Studio have, once again, displayed their passionate fandom for anime with this newest Ghost in the Shell offering! This Ultimate Premium Masterline statue is 20 inches tall, as Major Motoko Kusanagi sits on top of her loyal Tachikoma.

Designed by series character designer, Ilya Kushinov, Maj. Kusanagi’s new look is captured in its pixel-perfect form by Prime 1 Studio. Her face has been sculpted with sublime subtlety, as it has been painted in soft, effusive tones. Perched on her personal transport and protective suit, the young and beautiful leader of Section 9 is decked out in her squad outfit which has been rendered in anime-accurate detail. She looks like she has just stepped out of her Netflix series. Motoko comes with two swappable left arms: One is relaxed and by her side, and the other arm is holding her sidearm into the air.

Always ready to help is her lovable, sentient tank: Tachikoma! Prime 1 Studio has spared no effort in reproducing the affable, yet highly effective protective suit/rolling weapons platform! We have made sure to follow Tachikoma’s series looks to the letter. In proportion with the Major, Tachikoma presents itself as an imposing and attractive statue to display! With picture perfect styling and that signature, blue coloring, Tachikoma is sure to please even the most die-hard Ghost in the Shell fans. Tachikoma comes with two sets of arms: one set shows Tachikoma’s childlike glee as the hands are raised into the air with extended manipulators. While the other set of arms are posed front-and-center, as Tachikoma prepares to fire its in-arm, 7.62x51mm light machine guns.

The Major and Tachikoma are situated on top of a Ghost in the Shell-themed, busted pavement, reminiscent of the show’s aesthetic, as transparent resin in the back highlights the show’s iconic technological look.

And if you purchase the Bonus Version from the official Prime 1 Studio online store, you will get a Bonus Head: Maj. Kusanagi wearing her high-tech visor.

Undoubtedly, longtime fans of not only the Major and Tachikoma, but also of the whole Ghost in the Shell property in general will want to procure this attractive statue ASAP! So, DIVE IN and get this pre-ordered today!


Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 themed base
Two (2) Swappable Left Arms for Major Motoko Kusanagi
Two (2) Swappable Holster for Major Motoko Kusanagi
Four (4) Swappable Arms (2 x Left and 2 x Right) for Tachikoma
One (1) Motoko Kusanagi Bonus Head with Visor [BONUS PART]

―Prime 1 Studio


戦略・戦術ともに優れた、完全義体のサイボーグ・草薙素子。高度なAIで自立行動する、多脚思考戦車・タチコマ。全世界に配信されたフル3DCG作品『攻殻機動隊 SAC_2045』より、公安9課のふたりがプライム1スタジオ初登場です!







―Prime 1 Studioさんより

Japanese name 草薙素子 & タチコマ ボーナス版

Original illustrator Ilya Kuvshinov

Maker Prime 1 StudioExternal Link

Release February-May 2023 / 発売 2023年2月~5月

Scale 1/4 Scale (500mm)

List Price 193,490JPY / 1,264USD / 1,187EUR / 1,014GBP or in your currency

In addition to nearly seventy product photos, Prime 1 Studio made a 360° promotional video of the duo.

Distributors for Kusanagi Motoko & Tachikoma Bonus Version

「草薙素子 & タチコマ ボーナス版」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本

©士郎正宗・Production I.G/講談社・攻殻機動隊2045製作委員会

©Prime 1 Studio Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.

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