Nendoroid Daiwa Scarlet from Umamusume: Pretty Derby

Umamusume’s Daiwa Scarlet is now a cute Nendoroid by Good Smile Company. She comes with a green square base to emulate a turf which best suits her running pose. But it would all be lost if her faces weren’t as expressive as they were. You can feel her determination and grace as she blows a kiss.

“I am the best, after all!”

From the game “Umamusume: Pretty Derby” comes a Nendoroid of Daiwa Scarlet, the Umamusume who always strives for first place! She comes with three face plates including an energetic smiling face, a determined face often seen by her rivals, and a kissing face from her performance of one of the game’s popular songs!

Optional parts include a large Nendoroid base made to look like racetrack turf along with a racetrack fence. Enjoy creating racing poses in Nendoroid form! Be sure to add Daiwa Scarlet, the Umamusume who will take on any challenge to be the best, to your collection!

―Good Smile Company


ゲーム『ウマ娘 プリティーダービー』より、1番になることを目指し続けるウマ娘「ダイワスカーレット」がねんどろいどになって登場!交換用表情パーツには、元気な「笑顔」やライバルに向ける「決め顔」の他、うまぴょい伝説でお馴染みの「チュゥ顔」をご用意。オプションパーツには芝をイメージした「ねんどろいど台座(大)」や「バ場レーン」が付属し、レース場面を再現することができます。1番になるためなら、どんな努力も苦労もいとわないダイワスカーレットを是非皆さんのお手元にお迎えください!


Japanese name ねんどろいど ダイワスカーレット

Sculptor J.K (Staff)

Colorist Nendoron (ねんどろん)

Release Apr. 2023 / 発売 2023年4月

Pre-order closing date December 8th, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年12月7日 21:00

Scale Non-scale (100mm)

List Price 6,800JPY / 44USD / 42EUR / 36GBP or in your currency

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「ねんどろいど ダイワスカーレット」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

China-only / 中国

Japan-only / 日本

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