Nendoroid Sadako by Good Smile Arts Shanghai

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You have a, a movie for me to watch? I would, er watch, but um, I don’t know where the video machine’s cable is. I think I misplaced it a long— Oh you found it, thanks… Let’s watch then. But wait… um, was the tape rewound!? You see, my voice peaks like that and I become terribly upset when people don’t, um, do that. You know the saying, “Be kind, rewind” and all that. I don’t want to become upset while I still have work to do—why’s the floor wet?

The vengeful spirit known around the world, right by your side.

Sadako is joining the Nendoroid series! The Nendoroid comes with two interchangeable face plates: a grinning face and a vicious evil face for when she attacks her victims. Optional parts include Sadako’s well and a video tape.

A background sheet to display her crawling out of a TV is also included. In addition to standard front hair part, a front hair part to display her with one eye visible and a front hair part to display her with her hair falling to the ground are included.

Enjoy using these three hair parts to create all kinds of situations and poses! Be sure to add the small yet terrifying Sadako to your collection!

―Good Smile Company




Character name Sadako (貞子)

Japanese name ねんどろいど 貞子

Sculptor QingYu (清宇)

With co-operation by Nendoron (ねんどろん)

Release Jul. 2023 / 発売 2023年7月

Pre-order closing date December 1st, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年11月30日 21:00

Scale Non-scale (100mm)

List Price 7,800JPY / 50USD / 46EUR / 39GBP or in your currency

Distributors for Nendoroid Sadako

「ねんどろいど 貞子」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

China-only / 中国

Japan-only / 日本


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