Return of the MyGrailWatch Figure Search

It is what it says on the tin.

The MyGrailWatch Figure Search has been brought back online. In the last post, I mentioned that it needed to be run inside a container. Um, I might have intentionally set my own flag when I used “simply.” Surprisingly, it *was* relatively simple. MGW Figure Search is once again ready to accept your queries and help you find and buy the figures you’ve always wanted-your grail figures, if you will. If you already have an account, your login credentials will work as usual. But if you are new, first become an MGW Member on either Patreon or Buy me a Coffee. Then you will be good to go with an MGW account.

Docker, Containers, and Virtual Machines

It’s apparently not good to have short posts, who knew? I’ll continue talking about the migration and what’s coming next. You seriously do not have to read further than this. Docker’s documentation is really good and they explain the concepts really well! Some of the questions you’ll have like “How do two containers communicate?” will be answered pre-emptively with networking or binding volumes. The biggest challenge was a shift in mindset. For example, using Vagrant to spin up a virtual machine. Said VM has everything you need and the kitchen sink. This is obviously really cool. But with Docker, that kitchen sink isn’t advisable. In short, use multiple containers with only the things you need. Creating a separate database container is good for development. But when you use a managed database or a remote one in production, you can easily swap out the development database. Suffice it to say, Docker and container technology are cool. It’s not like I’m endorsing anything. Virtual machines are also really cool.

New Server

Back to MGW, the new server is located in the United States of America. It was in the US with Heroku as well, so Americans will probably have better latency again. I found it quick despite being quite a distance away from America. Cloudflare is proxying, so that might have something to do with it. Of course, if you find it slow or having any issues, the feedback link is on the homepage. Please use it!

Client-side Performance

I also mentioned that it would go back online without any new features. Though not a new feature per se, Ruby was updated to version 3.2. Vue also got updated. Now, that it is online, we can get back to development and the backlog. I may have mentioned it a while back, but we’ve gone full tilt with JavaScript for the user interface. When development started, JS was added as needed. As infinite loading came in and the search bar was updated, Vue began controlling most of the page, leaving the HTML bit as a shell. Obviously you don’t need to use JavaScript for everything, MyGrailWatch Ranks is mostly HTML. But the idea for the Figure Search is to rework the user interface into slick a single-page application. No matter the approach, avoiding client-side performance issues like those present on AmiAmi’s international website is of paramount importance.

An upcoming feature

Ending on a positive note, there was a new feature in development before MGW went on hiatus. It was devised specifically for the Figure Search as an important stopgap feature while we work on some of the heavier features. However, it’s grown beyond being a mere stopgap. The MyGrailWatch Blog, Ranks, and Figure Search properties will all use it. Whether they will all use it at once is another thing. In the end, buying figures and other hobby goods will be easier with it. You understand that I’m not going to tell you what it is, right? All the tests are passing and it’s ready to be implemented as-is. The plan was to release it in its base form and then release the second form afterwards. It’s cool, but the second form, makes it an awesome addition to the MyGrailWatch service. Rather than push it out the door, I want it to kick down the doors. Teasing you isn’t my intention, but I am excited to work on it, have it debut, and ultimately have you use it.

In the end.

Finally, end of May or early June is still the time-frame for the MGW Favorites Selection 2022. Nothing more on that front. You’re still here even though I said you don’t have to read anymore. So thanks for reading and have a good day!