Sonia Summer Princess by VERTEX

Introducing the beautiful Sonia Summer Princess by VERTEX from Shining Beach Heroines! Product info, high-quality images, and the best places in the world to pre-order the Tony-illustrated Sonia are waiting for you~

From the popular "Shining" RPG series and HobbyJAPAN Magazine's collaborative project, "Shining Beach Heroines", comes the Princess Knight Sonia!

Attracting the gaze of all in the Astoria Kingdom, the Lightning Princess sheds her sturdy armor for a swimsuit which outshines the sun!? Faintly showing off her curves underneath, her sheer pareo with its beautiful lace pattern will cause your heart to beat uncontrollably.

So please by all means, enjoy the Astoria Princess' summer appearance for yourself.

―VERTEX (ヴェルテクス)

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch



Character name Sonia Blanche (ソニア・ブランシュ)

Series Shining (シャイニング)

Japanese name ソニア-Summer Princess-

Original illustrator Tony

Maker VERTEX (ヴェルテクス)External Link

Sculptor Ozawa Shingo (小澤 真吾)

Release Apr. 2020 / 発売 2020年4月

Scale 1/7 Scale (250mm)

List Price 14,000JPY / 130USD / 118EUR / 102GBP / 1,266SEK or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

As mentioned, Sonia is based on an illustration by Tony Taka, here is the original illustration as a reference.

Sonia Summer Princess original illustration by Tony

While much can be said about the elegant gold bikini adorning her superb body, as a fan of Tony's art style, it's the familiar shapely curvature of her face and her round, character-expressing eyes of which I'm most appreciative.

Even the wafting of her dark brown hair and its visually appealing matte finish helps set the scene for a summer's day with a light breeze. Her pose and body, along with the rich flesh coloring again speak for themselves. For all of these things, I honestly believe that VERTEX's Sonia is easily one of this year's best figure representations of his style.

Though this is a really charming figure, I find there are some areas, notably her shoes and feet, which don't seem to have received as much attention as the rest of her. While I'm not asking for her to be bony, the ball of her ankle can barely be seen from certain angles, appearing as if her leg slopes into her shoe. Her pareo's detailed pattern certainly is nice, but it looks like transparent plastic rather than high-quality lace. To be fair, these negative points could be due to the studio lighting rather than issues with the paint or sculpt work.

While I may have sounded scathing, I'll reiterate that this is overall a very good figure with a price as attractive as she is. Concluding, VERTEX doesn't have the most experience with Tony's artwork, but they are certainly capable of doing justice to it. How do you feel about Sonia? Tell us in the comments!

Distributors for Sonia Summer Princess

「ソニア-Summer Princess-」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Available at AmiAmi

Big in Japan

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HobbyLink Japan

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AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus

Acrylic character plate (A5 size)

Available at AmiAmi

China-only / 中国

Japan-only / 日本

Available at Akiba Sofmap / ソフマップ・ドットコムで利用可能

Available at Amazon

「あみあみ」より Available at AmiAmi's domestic site


Available at Chara-Ani

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HobbyLink Japan

Available at HobbySearch

Available at HOBBY STOCK - Find Your Favorite One

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「あみあみ」より Available at AmiAmi's domestic site


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