Girls’ Frontline AK-12 by Phat!

“To avoid excessively consuming processing power, I’ll usually ‘shut’ my eyes,”
– Hey, how about you shut your eyes and reduce processing power over here?
“…rest assured, this will not affect my field of vision and judgement.”
– Oh.

From one cool beauty to another, we have Phat’s exclusive AK-12 from Girls’ Frontline who is as devastating to her enemies as she will be to your wallet! She comes with interchangeable expression parts to suite whatever taste you may have. Products photos show off the astounding level of detail in her tactical gear as well.

For an exclusive figure, she sure is available at a litany of retailers…

“To avoid excessively consuming processing power, I’ll usually ‘shut’ my eyes, rest assured, this will not affect my field of vision and judgement.”

From “Girls’ Frontline”, the popular smartphone game now celebrating its 5th anniversary, comes a 1/7 scale figure of the assault rifle T-Doll AK-12!
AK-12’s beautiful silver hair, closed eyes and gentle smile have been faithfully captured in figure form.

Not only has her weapon also been brought into figure form, but her battlefield equipment has all been meticulously created as well.
Her cloak is removable, allowing for a different display option!

An alternate face plate with open eyes for displaying her in “Deep Computing Mode” is included. Enjoy her more ruthless look as compared to her typical appearance!
Be sure to add her to your collection!

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Japanese name ドールズフロントライン AK-12

Also known as 少女前线 AK-12

Sculptor RICO (Sakaki Workshops)

Colorist Wakimeka no Matsu (わきメカのまつ)

With co-operation by Yamaguchi Yukou (山口 祐幸)

With co-operation by Saitou Mitsuru (齋藤 満)

Release Jul. 2024 / 発売 2024年7月

Pre-order opening date August 24th, 2023 12:00JST / 2023年8月24日 12:00

Pre-order closing date October 12th, 2023 12:00JST / 2023年10月11日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (260mm)

List Price 29,800JPY / 198USD / 182EUR / 156GBP or in your currency

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