Theresa, Starlit Astrologos Lover’s Meeting Song Ver.

There’s much to see in HobbyMax’s “Theresa, Starlit Astrologos Lover’s Meeting Song Ver.” as she sits in swing above a running stream. Theresa is dressed as a young maiden on this occasion. The outfit’s colors are varied, yet their shades are subtle enough to be inviting. Speaking of inviting, we invite you to see her product photos and retailers.




Japanese name 崩壊3rd テレサ・星詠の朔夜 星合の歌 Ver.

Also known as Theresa’s Starlit Astrologos Orchid’s Night / 崩坏3 德丽莎・朔夜观星 兰夜行歌 Ver.

Sculptor HobbyMax (ホビーマックス)

Colorist Kiking

Colorist hiro (Chinese Sculptor)

Release Aug. 2022 / 発売 2022年8月

Scale 1/7 Scale (300mm)

List Price 20,350JPY / 135USD / 124EUR / 106GBP or in your currency

Her base seems to eschew a realistic style, instead opting for one closer to the game. You can see this in the rocks and water.

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「崩壊3rd テレサ・星詠の朔夜 星合の歌 Ver.」の日本売り手

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