Yunyun Bare Leg Bunny Ver. from KonoSuba

Ah, probably the best thing to come out of the Crimson something or other clan is Yunyun! She’s back in her bunny outfit, but this time, without tights! Her long black elbow sleeves make doubly sure your eyes drift to her long legs and those little red ribbons too. Speaking of those ribbons, Yunyun’s highlights are as numerous as they are.

The genius arch-wizard Yunyun is back, this time in a bunny suit with bare legs!

From “KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO!” comes a bare leg bunny figure of Megumin’s rival, the arch-wizard Yunyun! This special version features Yunyun’s popular bunny suit minus the net tights, showing off Yunyun’s bare legs instead. The figure stands at an astounding 370mm in height. Be sure to add this special figure featuring the genius arch-wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan with bare legs to your collection!

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Character name Yunyun (ゆんゆん)

Japanese name ゆんゆん 生足バニーVer.

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Release Apr. 2023 / 発売 2023年4月

Pre-order closing date November 3rd, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年11月2日 21:00

Scale 1/4 Scale (370mm)

List Price 27,500JPY / 174USD / 162EUR / 137GBP or in your currency

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「ゆんゆん 生足バニーVer.」の日本売り手

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