Assassin/Shuten-douji Festival Portrait Ver. from Fate/Grand Order

Scheduled for a November 2022 release—oh, look at the time—is Fate/Grand Order’s Shuten-douji as a jiangshi based on RAITA’s artwork as “Assassin/Shuten-douji Festival Portrait Ver.” Pretending to be a vampire, the loli-baba struts with her outstretched arms and stiffened legs shown off by her ultra-short cheongsam.

スマートフォン専用RPG『Fate/Grand Order』から、酒呑童子がキョンシーコスの英霊祭装で登場! 両手を前に挙げたキョンシーポーズが映えるボリューミーな袖口や、スラリと伸びた美脚が見所。ぜひ可愛がってくりゃれ。


Character name Shuten-douji (酒顚童子)

Japanese name アサシン/酒呑童子 英霊祭装

Also known as Fate/Grand Order Assassin/酒吞童子 英灵祭装

Original illustrator RAITA

Sculptor Amagai Rei (雨谷 怜)

Colorist Ekoshi (えこし)

Release Oct. 2022 / 発売 2022年10月

Scale 1/7 Scale (240mm)

List Price 22,880JPY / 145USD / 135EUR / 114GBP or in your currency

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「アサシン/酒呑童子 英霊祭装」の日本売り手

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China-only / 中国

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