Sagiri Yuuko by Orchidseed from Triage X

What was unlikely, Orchidseed has fulfilled the wish of many by re-releasing their amazing rendition of Sagiri Yuuko from Satou Shouji’s Triage X! This cool and dependable beauty is 1/7 scale but taller than most at a staggering 275mm. Of course, being an Orchidseed figure, and one of the very best ones, you may cast-off her jacket and halter top, leaving you with a clear view of her tattoo and more than a few display options! Product photos and shops, along with Orchidseed’s bonus, are this way.

Now, all we need is the “Darkness ver.” and everyone’s wish will be fulfilled.


単行本 4 巻裏表紙をモチーフに、愛刀 OROCHI を抜刀し凛と佇む姿を立体化。
原作者 佐藤ショウジ先生に直接監修の珠玉の逸品、石山智 渾身の造形を堪能せよ!



Japanese name トリアージX 狭霧友子

Also known as 绝命制裁X 狭雾友子

Original illustrator Satou Shouji (佐藤 ショウジ)

Sculptor Ishiyama Yuuki (石山 裕記)

Release Feb. 2024 / 発売 2024年2月

Pre-order opening date September 1st, 2023 12:00JST / 2023年9月1日 12:00

Pre-order closing date October 8th, 2023 23:59JST / 2023年10月8日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (275mm)

List Price 15,300JPY / 102USD / 94EUR / 80GBP or in your currency

Here is a sample of the original illustration by Satou Shouji upon which Sagiri Yuuko has been based.

Sagiri Yuuko original illustration by Satou Shouji

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