Ichika Nakano & Miku Nakano by WING

It’s been some time since they were announced, but the time has come for the pair in Ichika Nakano & Miku Nakano by WING to go up for pre-order! With a release scheduled for Feb, there isn’t much of a wait anymore. Product photos and international retailers for the first and third, are waiting for you!

Ichika and Miku in their swimsuits!

From "The Quintessential Quintuplets" comes a scale figure set of Ichika and Miku Nakano! They have been recreated based on the frontispiece from the 18th volume of the manga. The sculpting and paintwork perfectly capture the soft atmosphere of the series in figure form. Ichika's hat attaches with a magnet, allowing you to display it on or off.

―Good Smile Company




Character name Nakano Miku (中野 三玖)

Japanese name 中野一花&中野三玖

Original illustrator Haruba Negi (春場 ねぎ)

Sculptor Eriko from Arai Kougyou (絵里子 新居興業)

Sculptor Fortunation (ふぉるとねいしょん)

Colorist Akimoto Hajime (あきもとはじめ)

Release Feb. 2021 / 発売 2021年2月

Pre-order closing date November 5th, 2020 12:00JST / 2020年11月4日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (240mm)

List Price 19,000JPY / 180USD / 153EUR / 140GBP or in your currency

Here is a sample of the illustration by series author, Haruba Negi, which Ichika and Miku are based.

Nakano Ichika Nakano Miku original illustration by Haruba Negi

Distributors for Ichika Nakano & Miku Nakano by WING


International / 世界的

China-only / 中国

Japan-only / 日本


Good Smile Company – Official product page

グッドスマイルカンパニーさん – 公式の製品ページ


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