MGW Favorites Selection – Another Chance – 2021

If the Cheongsam & Traditional Chinese Clothing category was our second-most difficult one to decide, which do you think is the first? It’s now time that we count down the best re-releasing figures of 2021!


Before we begin, let’s be clear which figures are eligible for inclusion.

  • 1. The figure must have at least one prior release
  • 2. A figure with multiple pre-order periods before her initial release is ineligible
  • 3. Color or outfit variants without a prior release are ineligible
  • 4. Updated packaging, a new title, and/or a new manufacturer are OK if the figure is the same as a prior release
  • 5. Technical changes (such as how the figure attaches to her base) are OK

Honorable Mentions

With almost enough sadness to see salty residue on my cheeks, I announce the honorable mentions for 2021’s Another Chance category. In no particular order, they include Rem Birthday Cake Ver. by KADOKAWA, Yukinoshita Yukino Lingerie Ver. by REVOLVE, and supercell feat. Hatsune Miku World is Mine (Brown Frame) by Good Smile Company.

  1. 5th

    Sakurajima Mai ~Bunnygirl ver.~

    Sakurajima Mai
    1/7 Scale

    Let’s start with 2018’s best bunny, Sakurajima Mai ~Bunnygirl Ver.~ by Aniplex. She’s based on the key visual from the anime. We’ve written about her before. Mai’s facial features are soft, yet expressive. Her wholly matte texture encourages the light to caress her body. This gives a further striking atmosphere. Her black bunny outfit and painted stockings are straightforward yet excellently designed. And so is her pose. The way she lightly interlocks her fingers behind her back complements her somber expression.

    In the MGW Favorites Selection’s inaugural edition, she was the best bunny we saw and in eighth place on the Most Outstanding list. As they make more figures of the bunny senpai, her first remains the one against which they are measured.

  2. 4th

    Idol Emperor/Nero from Fate/Grand Order

    Fourth on the list is a haughty idol about to perform her encore. Idol/Emperor Nero was originally released by AQUAMARINE in 2018. She’s now being released by Good Smile Company.

    Nero’s bright red gown, adorned with large red roses, is the most striking part of her design. Her gown’s loose sleeves make the view of her feminine elbows more delightful. From behind, we see how she arches her exposed back. Nero’s beautiful shoulder blades are one of my favorite parts of her design. Another thing I like is how the position of her left-hand dictates her posture. Nero’s red gown perfectly matches her glittering green eyes and coquettish expression.

  3. 3rd

    KDcolle Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc Renewal Package Ver. by KADOKAWA

    Indeed this is one of, if not, the best figures of the Fate series’ Jeanne d’Arc. Rivaled only by FLARE’s Third Ascension version, KADOKAWA with Nobuta and Moriyama Nana have delivered an exceptional representation of her original artwork. Both her flag and long ponytail are some of the ways they improved on it. It feels like they took her armor directly from the illustration and brought it into a three-dimensional space. The wind sweeping across her clothing has been skillfully designed. From behind it’s even better. Her clean, confident expression stands out the most for me. The way Jeanne glances to the side with her bright blue eyes rounds off an incredible figure.

  4. 2nd

    YoRHa No.2 Type B DX Ver.

    Next, we have the re-release of FLARE’s masterpiece, YoRHa No.2 Type B. Her initial release saw her on our inaugural Most Outstanding list. Everything I said there remains true, so please read this as a continuation.

    Something that might be forgotten is that they slightly reworked 2B’s sculpt before she initially went up for pre-order, but after showing her to the public. While her stoic pose is simple in comparison to a few of the ladies on the list. It’s not an exaggeration that they put a lot of effort into designing it.

    I mentioned how much texture detail is in her outfit. FLARE also did an incredible job designing 2B’s short bob. As her sword’s guard has a ceramic appearance, so does her hair with a cool gray tone. The strands flow beautifully. You can also see that not all are the same length nor do they all flow in the same direction. From the back, you might notice that her hair slightly lifts from the left side. It may indicate a passing breeze, a sudden halt, or something else. Remember how she’s rocking her right ankle.

  5. 1st

    Dark Angel Olivia Renewal Package ver. by Kotobukiya from Rage of Bahamut MyGrailWatch

    Dark Angel Olivia Renewal Package ver.

    This might be presumptuous, but I get the feeling that she’s better known for Granblue Fantasy than Rage of Bahamut. Anyway, this is Kotobukiya’s third release of Dark Angel Olivia, this time she features brand new packaging. But what’s the same is the centerpiece presence she’s maintained since her original 2015 appearance.

    For her outfit, Olivia wears a lengthy white shirt over a short black skirt. Matching her black skirt, she wears a pair of knee-high boots and elbow-length gloves. Embellished gold armor also sparsely adorns her body. In both hands, she holds a sword. While not in an attacking pose, it could change in a blink of an eye. From the side and back, you get a nigh-unencumbered view of her swords. I like that they are behind her because you can focus on the pretty girl in front of you, not her weapons.

    As her hair gently flows over her shoulder, Dark Angel Olivia lightly smirking looks your way with a gaze that is as piercing as it is red. Her wings spread, she leaves you as she ascends to the peak of 2021’s Another Chance rankings.

Closing words

All of the ladies on the list are as staggering as when they first arrived. It’s truly a testament to their design when you think about the constant influx of new figures.

If I had one wish, I’d wish for infinite wishes. One of those wishes would be that this category was allowed ten entries. Another wish would be that 2022’s list will have just as many awesome entries, for which you will once more join.

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