Sakura Miku ~Sakura Fairy ver.~ by spiritale

Introducing spiritale’s exclusive “Sakura Miku ~Sakura Fairy ver.~” who’s based on an illustration by Iwato! Miku’s releasing in September, but until then here are high-quality product photos showing off her superb sculpting and tranquil atmosphere.

Iwato’s illustration of Sakura Miku will be made into a 1/7th scale figure! She’s also our first Sakura Miku scale figure! Being the subject of great care and attention to detail, this fairy-like Miku sings as she sits upon a cherry blossom tree branch.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch

岩十さんが描き下ろした桜ミクを1/7スケールで立体化!桜ミクのスケールフィギュアは物販としては初登場となります! 華やかな桜の木の枝に腰かけて歌う、妖精のような桜ミクを細部までこだわって作り上げました。


Character name Sakura Miku (桜ミク)

Japanese name 桜ミク ~桜妖精ver.~

Original illustrator Iwato (岩十)

Sculptor CKB

Colorist Ekoshi (えこし)

With co-operation by Wing (ウイング)

Release Sep. 2021 / 発売 2021年9月

Pre-order closing date March 11th, 2021 23:59JST / 2021年3月11日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (200mm)

List Price 17,800JPY / 114USD / 105EUR / 89GBP or in your currency

Here’s sample of Sakura Miku’s original illustration by Iwato.

Sakura Miku Sakura Fairy ver. original illustration by Iwato


So here we have “Sakura Miku ~Sakura Fairy ver.~,” spiritale’s second figure. If you haven’t heard of spiritale, they’re operated by TAITO, who manufactures numerous prize figures. Both this Sakura Miku and their first figure, Hatsune Miku ~Sweet Angel ver.~ are premium scale figures. Instead of a new outfit, Sakura Miku wears her original one in a cherry blossom shade. She may be a non-starter for those who dislike pink. Whether it’s the case or not, the light pink coloring really shows off her skirt’s pleats and the definition in her hair. Her sharp detail strikes me the most, aside from her color scheme. It’s also her best selling point.

Not that it’s poorly done or anything, Miku’s moé mouth is my least favorite part of her design; her set of rounded teeth is a bit too cutesy. It could grow on me, though. What likely won’t is that her teeth disappear at a distance and leave a red hole. Up close, you’d almost think they sculpted inside of her mouth. Again, her mouth’s sculpting and painting are good. Given sakura being Japanese for cherry blossom, I gather the cherries in her hair are a tongue-in-cheek pun. Even if juicy berries are fixtures of her design, I’m not a fan.

Her pose is another one of her selling points. The sculpting of her left-arm is competing with her partially crossed-legs for my favorite part of her design. And it may win. Whenever Miku wears her original outfit, her detached sleeves usually appear stiff. Here we actually see her interact with them and also get a feeling for how soft they are. Of course, the sleeve’s creasing by her left-elbow is beautiful. However, the real highlight is how it creases in her hand and conforms to her forearm.

While the tree upon which she’s perched could be a bit darker, the detail is all right. A nice touch is how the moss travels upwards from the trunk, dying it green. The oversized cherry blossom flowers and loose petals are also a fitting way to round off. Although subtle decoration, it shouldn’t be understated how much they add to the atmosphere. Sakura Miku ~Sakura Fairy ver.~ undeniably improves on every aspect of the source illustration. That is, of course, based on these prototype photos because the actual product might differ~. Their second offering seems like a solid figure at a fair price, considering that she’s exclusive. But what do you think of her? Specifically, what do you think of her coloring and teeth? Anyway, thanks for reading!

Distributors for Sakura Miku ~Sakura Fairy ver.~

「桜ミク ~桜妖精ver.~」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本

Art by 岩十 ©CFM

スピリテイルさん – 公式の製品ページ


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