Tougetsu Matsuri Sitting Ver. illustration by Misaki Kurehito

Orders are open for the third version of SkyTube and Misaki Kurehito’s beloved Tougetsu Matsuri. Based on her illustration from Comic Aun, Matsuri sits on a fluffy base that caresses her bare thighs. Product photos and shops are up after the jump.

Matsuri’s original illustration was used for both Comic Aun’s cover and Misaki Kurehito’s artbook cover. SkyTube has produced figures of most of the illustrations in the artbook. In other words, she can be considered an essential entry in the unofficial set.

From the Comic Aun cover series comes the beautiful girl wearing a Cheongsam, Togetsu Matsuri! She’s an original character by Misaki Kurehito and is based on her sitting illustration. All the way from her flowing black hair to her mature and overflowing body, the beautiful illustration has been faithfully reproduced. Of course, the way she seductively pinches the hem of her dress has been shown the utmost care. Matsuri includes the ability to cast off. Two replaceable chest parts are included to offer variety in her display. By all means, please welcome Togetsu Matsuri into your collection.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch




Japanese name 冬月茉莉 お座りVer. illustration by 深崎暮人

Original illustrator Misaki Kurehito (深崎 暮人)

Sculptor HIRO

Colorist LEO (Staff)

Release Dec. 2022 / 発売 2022年12月

Pre-order closing date March 4th, 2022 23:59JST / 2022年3月4日 23:59

Scale 1/6 Scale (155mm)

List Price 22,000JPY / 144USD / 135EUR / 115GBP or in your currency
If you have an MGW Membership, you have access to a premium version of our impressions of Matsuri.

At a glance so brief, Matsuri reminded me of both Yukinoshita Yukino and Kasumigaoka Utaha at the same time. With Matsuri’s head to the side, her face appears narrower than her two previous outings. From the front, her face is broader and her eyes are bigger, thus seeing the resemblance come to an end. Her eyes are wide and vacant. And her expression isn’t necessarily a doe one. It’s more one along long the lines of “Oh dear— is that a car coming this way?” Contributing to half of the expression on her face are her eyebrows. The other half comes from her flushed cheeks. Neither her eyebrows nor her blushies really convey anything. On a positive note, her face is cuter here than in her previous outings.

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「冬月茉莉 お座りVer. illustration by 深崎暮人」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

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Acrylic character plate (A5 size)

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