Marinoa Truless by WING

After a longer-than-long wait, Tomari’s Marinoa Truless by WING is now up for pre-order. Take one look at her gorgeous belly and you’ll be the one on roller skates!

Miss Truless is a limited release, so be sure to pre-order before Feb 17th.

Popular illustrator Tomari’s original character Marinoa Truless is now a 1/7 scale figure!

Presenting a scale figure of popular illustrator Tomari’s original character Marinoa Truless! Featuring a cute and retro American diner theme, Marinoa is wearing a translucent top and skirt. Marinoa’s long legs and fine details like her earrings, belly button and elf ears have all been carefully captured in figure form. Be sure to add her to your collection!

―Good Smile Company

人気イラストレーター トマリ氏の看板娘「マリノア・トリュレス」を1/7スケールで立体化!

人気イラストレーター トマリ氏の看板娘にして嫁の「マリノア・トリュレス」をスケールフィギュア化。アメリカンダイナーをテーマに透けシャツやスカートなど可愛いだけでなくレトロ感あふれるちょっぴり大人なマリちゃんに仕上がりました!スラっと長い脚にトマリ氏こだわりの文字ピアスやおへそ、エルフ特有のとんがり耳や美白肌など見どころ満載です!元気いっぱいのマリちゃんを是非お手元にお迎えください。


Japanese name マリノア・トリュレス

Also known as Tomari 原创 玛丽诺阿・特琉雷斯

Original illustrator Tomari (トマリ)

Sculptor Mederukin (目出ル金)

Colorist Ebata (江幡)

Release Aug. 2022 / 発売 2022年8月

Pre-order closing date February 17th, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年2月16日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (255mm)

List Price 18,700JPY / 122USD / 115EUR / 98GBP or in your currency
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Marinoa or Mari-chan is based on an illustration by Tomari. She’s also Tomari’s first original character to be turned into a figure.


WING hasn’t been prolific these past few years. Their output has increased recently, though. They took their time with Marinoa, but it’s clear they weren’t sitting idly. The translation from illustration to prototype and now to painted prototype have gone well. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with Miss Truless’ face and hair.

Subpar faces do more damage to figures than the customs agents inspecting them. In this case, you will only have to worry about customs agents. Marinoa’s face is excellent. It’s almost a 1:1 representation of the source. Her smile extends beyond her mouth to her eyes. But they haven’t fully conveyed it from the source. Her expression is still smiling, but not in the same way. It seems more excited than gentle. There’s still feeling in her expression; she comes across like a fun onee-san type. While I really like her gentle face, the slight difference between the source illustration is not much of an issue for me. Even with her non-standard pupils, Marinoa’s eyes aren’t vacant. Her blush is well-placed too. WING did a great job sculpting her mouth’s interior. So depending on where you look, more or less of her fangs are on display. The color is as good as the detail. The shade of red is suitable to contrast with her pink tongue.

For her nose, I would have liked more emphasis on it from the front. There isn’t emphasis on her lips in the illustration, so her nose is the only thing that stands out. Though it’s not a pointy nose, it does stand out. Her chin is also sharper in the illustration. Here, her cheeks are a bit more round than they should be. Hakoiri Musume’s Arigane Alice, of whom we already spoke, comes to mind.

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Impressions: Marinoa Truless by WING

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Good Smile Company – Official product page

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